1. She Showed Me The Ropes

    Posted on September 14th, 2014 by Edward

    I’m one of the wackiest people you will ever meet. Have you heard about those people who literally throw a dart at a map on the wall and wherever the dart hits that’s where they travel to next? Well, I’m not one of those people. At least I don’t do this crazy act on a regular basis. However, I did do it once last fall. The location: Manchester, England. I was pretty excited. If it had landed on Uganda, I probably wouldn’t have been as thrilled.

    Once I arrived in Manchester, I searched for Manchester escorts. What better way to see a new city than beside a gorgeous girl? The escort I got was a tall brunette with subtle blue eyes and slim curves. She was perfect. Her personality was even better than her looks, which was quite an accomplishment. She showed me the city and then we went back to the hotel lobby for drinks. It was a night I’ll never forget.

  2. What an experience

    Posted on August 17th, 2014 by Edward

    It was my first night on the job. I had decided that I would give it a go and become one of the many Brighton escorts that are booked for personal dating by gentlemen of all persuasions. I met my first client in an apartment somewhere along the east side of the bridge. The apartment looked impressive, unlike the guy who answered the door. I wanted to make a real impression because I know that repeat business is good business so I smiled sweetly and leant towards him.

    “I’m your date for the evening” I whispered.

    There was no real response from him other than showing me the hallway, pointing to a door at the end of the corridor. I tried to read the look that he had on his old and wrinkly face and wondered what was in store for me.

  3. Young Love

    Posted on August 9th, 2014 by Edward

    My daughter has always had a pretty level head on her shoulders until lately! She has been dating a man that is about 3 years older than her and he is very attractive. They both have worked hard to get their own car and they live with his parents. They don’t plan on having children but they have two pretty dogs, one is a male and one is a female.

    Being that they are so young they tend to fight and argue a lot, one day they are engaged and the next day she is packing her belonging and moving out. She decided that they were done the other day and she left and hasn’t come back. He calls and texts me to see if I have heard from her and I tell him what I know, she is cutting me short every time that I talk to her. Her best friend called me concerned because she heard that she was applying at the Birmingham escort agency.

  4. Bachelor Party

    Posted on June 24th, 2014 by Edward

    We were planning a bachelor party for my best friends wedding, I had been friends with him for over 20 years. All through school there were 6 of us that hung out and still are best friends. We all were selected to be in the wedding party so we really wanted to fork out the bucks and do something really fun for him before he said “I do”.

    So we ordered a party bus for 8 hours and contacted the Leeds escorts service and asked for 4 blonde to attend our party. We stopped at many bars throughout the night and we had a blast. We all separated all own ways at the end of the night and who knows what happened after that. His soon to be wife was not so happy about the night that we had!

  5. Same Old Routine

    Posted on June 12th, 2014 by Edward

    I have been single for many years and every weekend I have the same routine. Friday when I get off of work, I will run and do all of my errands such as paying bills and doing my grocery shopping for the upcoming week. I make my lunch every day for work, which saves me money from eating out every single day.

    Saturday’s are strictly for me and my fuck buddy to go out and do anything that we want to do that day. Sometimes we will just stay home or we will go out for a night of fun, depending on what type of mood that we are in.

    Sunday’s are for me to catch up on laundry from the week and do clean up around my house. I usually will make myself a big dinner, lay on the couch and watch any new movies that have came out.

  6. Broken Home

    Posted on May 28th, 2014 by Edward

    My mother and father split up about 10 years ago and my dad started dating right away, my mother didn’t. I wondered for several years how he found a relationship so quick because he barely went anywhere. After many years of bonding with this woman who is now my stepmother, I find out that she was working with the Sheffield escort agency. I could not believe my ears when my father sat me down and told me. All I thought was how could you hide this from me for all these years?

    Needless to say she has a huge bank account and she has retired working from the service. My mother is still single and claims that she thinks he was seeing this woman while they were still married, which was more news to me! I never ask questions about my parents relationships anymore and as long as they are happy, I am happy!

  7. Something Has to Give

    Posted on May 25th, 2014 by Edward

    It’s been a few weeks and I’m already in need of another job. It seems like within the past year I’ve been getting hired only to either quit or be fired. My last job was at a restaurant and I can’t say that I did very well with it. After the first week I got a stern talking to about my performance, and the most discouraging part about it was that this job was easy. Isn’t there anything out there that I’m good at? Maybe I need to pack up and do something spontaneous. Moving out of the states even comes to mind. Given the economy here jobs are hard to come by let alone even keep for that matter. I’ve always wanted to go to London so maybe England would be a good move for me. Hopefully London escort jobs will be better than the ones here.